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Mayco Fundamental Underglazes instead.


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Underglazes are for painting a ceramic piece with many colors.
Underglazes come in three types:

  • Opaque, the mayco Fundamentals are nontoxic clay and water based opaque underglazes. These opaque colors are to be used when areas of solid-color coverage are desired.
  • Translucent the EZ Strokes. Think of the EZ's as water colors. Their translucent quality makes them suitable for use with a number of decorating techniques including airbrushing, antiquing and brushstrokes. 
  • Underglaze colors designed primarily for decorating bisque the Mayco Stroke n coats have a glossy sheen when fired. One, two, or three coats may be applied.
  • Astro Gems™ are an underglaze-based textural glaze that contains tiny crystals.

    All underglazes can be fired to 04, then covered with a clear glaze and fired to cone 06.

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