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Sparklers Glitter by Mayco

Duncan stopped production, this means is that many products will go in and out of stock over the next 4 months. 

If you need a particular color order it NOW! 

We are going to display our inventory qty on this website so you can decide what to order better.  

See Mayco’s list of the priority Duncan Items it intends to start producing. Download the "Best of Duncan" Palette  

 And this hastily written...Download the Duncan to Mayco Conversion Chart 

 Download the latest Mayco/Duncan Price list

They are keeping these

SG880 Crystal......2 oz 

SG881 Glittering Silver.....2 oz 

SG882 Glittering Gold......2 oz

Sparklers Glitter by Mayco

Sparklers Brush-On Glitter

Mayco's premixed glitter colors are permanent and won't flake or rub off. They work on almost any craft surface (except washable fabric). They can be applied directly on the surface and over other acrylic colors. Dries to the touch in 2 hours.

Let your creativity shine with the brilliance of Sparklers™ Brush-On Glitter! These premixed glitter sealers come in 3 dazzling colors and are permanent so they won't flake or rub off. Can be applied directly to surfaces or over other acrylic colors. Use several coats for solid shimmery coverage or just one for highlights to your piece.