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Accessory Products for ceramics

Still being made are ...

  • AS953 Gloss Sealer...2 oz 
  • AS954 Matte Sealer...........2 oz 
  • AS957 Thin ‘n Shade......2 oz 
  • AS964 No Fire Snow.....4 oz 
  • AS974 Glittering No Fire Snow....4 oz 

Accessory Products for ceramics

Non-fired Accessories-Brush on Sealers

Brush-On Sealers  Provide the same excellent results as ceramic spray sealers, without the smell of aerosols, and dry quickly to a clear finish. Water based and non-toxic.

Brush Cleaner   An excellent cleaner and conditioner for brushes

Thin 'n Shade  A water- based medium for use with any water- based ceramic color. Extends drying time and makes brushing easier, for both fired and non-fired colors.

No Fire Snow and Glittering No Fire Snow 

Quick-Crackle  Provides an anchient pain crackle look.