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Ultra Metallics brush on metallic paint

  • UM951 Solid Gold..........2 oz 
  • UM953 Bronze.....2 oz 
  • UM956 Silver..............2 oz

That's all folks

Ultra Metallics brush on metallic paint

Ultra Metallics™

Ultra Metallics are rich, gleaming water-based metallic colors that won't tarnish. Ultra Metallics can be mixed with other water-based nonfired colors to create an even wider range of metallic colors.

Basic Instructions:

1. Shake bottle thoroughly.
2. For solid coverage, apply 2 or more coats.
3. Base coat first with an OS acrylic makes it easier to use.
4. For detailing, apply 1 coat.
5. Apply to shelf cone 04 bisque.

No need to seal, as Ultra Metallics are self sealing.      Nontoxic.