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Duncan stopped production, this means is that many products will go in and out of stock. If you need a particular color, and see it here, order it NOW! We are going to display our inventory qty on this website so you can decide what to order better.  See Mayco’s list of the priority Duncan Items it intends to  produce. 

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Mayco Glazes for Cone 06 (and beyond)

Mayco Glazes for Cone 06 (and beyond)

Mayco Glazes
low-fire glazes for 06 firing on 04 bisque.

In general low fire glazes are used on earthenware clay or slip cast bisque. On 04 bisque brush on three FLOWING coats, allowing each coat to dry. (otherwise if the first coat is wet you will be wiping it off). A criss-cross pattern is recommended for even coverage.

When dry fire to cone 06.

Read the labels for specific product information.

Envisions will be discontinued in February 2023. Top selling and popular colors that do not have a direct match in the Mayco product assortment will be merged into either the Foundations for AP Non-Toxic products or Elements CL Health Caution products, such as IN1669 Bottle Green. We are reviewing other Envision colors that are not in the Best of Duncan palette for possible additions to fill color spaces in the Foundations line palette. Any merge will keep the original Envision name but will be assigned a new item number.

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