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Mayco Elements Art Glazes

Mayco Elements Art Glazes

Mayco Elements 100 Series Glazes

Rich & Elegant: Inspired by aspects of nature, Elements™ and Elements™ Chunkies produce lush, organic, and earthy hues. This high performance art glaze gives the artist a wide variety of options in one product as application, firing temperature and shape will influence the outcome. Elements ™ and Element ™ Chunkies were designed to simulate the aesthetic, movement and interest of mid-range and high fire glazes in a cone 06/05 oxidation kiln firing. 

Elements™ and Element™ Chunkies are designed to mature at cone 06/05. Apply 2-3 coats to shelf cone 04 bisque, allow to dry between coats. As movement and flowing are characteristics of these glazes, taper off toward the bottom of the ware to prevent glazes running off the piece onto kiln shelves. Elements™ and Elements™ Chunkies can be fired at higher temperatures but will change in appearance. We recommend testing prior to use. 

Artisan Glazes™ from Duncan are all Discontinued

Duncan® Artisan Glazes™, a line that replicated cone 5-6 colors with just a cone 06 fire.