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Concepts Underglazes For Bisque - Duncan

Concepts Underglazes For Bisque - Duncan

Concepts Underglaze for Bisque by Duncan (Mayco)

Concepts were discontinued on September 1, 2022. 

See the Mayco Stroke N Coats as they are basically the same.

The first coat is translucent. The second is semi-opaque. The third is opaque. Normal use is to apply 1-3 coats on bisque, let dry and cover with two coats of your favorite clear glaze. 

Use them as  Majolica paints on top of unfired non-moving opaque white or light colored glaze. No need to clear glaze as Concepts are shiny when fired. Try using them on tile, at cone 6 (on appropriate clay), in a spray bottle, these paints are versatile.